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Ghana Solar Water Pumping and Solar Training Project

Always On Solarô has teamed up with World Vision for the proposed solar pumping project. Rural Ghana has many subsistence farmers who rely on intermittent sources of water for their domestic needs. There is little or no electricity to run the wells, and hand pumps are in some cases inadequate or not feasible. Mechanical pumps operated by solar power would help solve these problems.

World Vision Ghana took our team from the U.S to northern Ghana in August 2008 to conduct a feasibility study for using solar powered pumps there. The team from Washington State consisted of World Vision hydrologist John Stiefel, Brad Burkhartzmeyer from the NW Solar Group and Rotarian Dhaval Dhru. This study would launch a joint project between World Vision and Always On Solarô to extend access to clean water in northern Ghana.

Our team visited 10 sites where World Vision has already drilled new wells. We selected three of the sites as having the most need for solar-pumped water that can provide for the greatest number of people. The sites are Sindigu, Ying, and Kpalba. A copy of the full study which includes descriptions and data sets with the calculations and costs of each site may be requested from Always On Solarô.

The solar pumping project will provide 40 liters of water per day to each person in these communities from a tap stand located within 300 meters of their homes. Currently these folks are walking more that 1 kilometer to get water on a daily basis. All of the wells have been tested to ensure that the water is safe to drink.

A budget of $160,000.00 will provide each of the three communities with a pump, solar power plant, storage tanks, concrete tap stand faucets, pipes and valves, and a fence to protect the equipment. Always On Solarô and World Vision are working together to raise the funds for the project. The total cost, including the training to maintain the system, amounts to $62.00 per person served.

The intensive training for representatives from each community and the staff at World Visionís Ghana Rural Water Project will enable the newly-trained technicians to install the solar pumping systems at each of the three villages. Each community will own this solar power plant and pumping system when the project is complete.